About Us

Welcome to PSNSupps.com! We hope to be able to offer all our customers the best prices for sports supplements around! Our store, Precision Sports Nutrition, located in Lewisville, TX, has been a long awaited dreams for us! We couldn't be more excited to have everything up and running to share with you all! PSN opened in October 2012 and is a family owned and operated supplement store! We know our products and can help you choose the best ones for you! Between Robert and Amanda, they have tried just about everything on the shelves! Whether you want taste or quality or both… we can steer you in the right direction!

A little about us…

Being active and competitive has always been in our DNA. Robert was a competitive cyclist growing up, even winning Junior State Cycle Cross! Soon after, he began getting interested in body building. In 2003 Robert competed in his first show, The Southwest USA in Arlington, TX! Shortly after this competition he was diagnosed with Lyme's disease. For the past 10 years he has been battling with this disease, trying all possible cures from modern medicine to natural healers. This is one reason we offer Ozone Therapy at our Lewisville location (check out our Ozone Therapy page for more info.) Having Lyme's is not easy but it has opened Robert to new ways of healing and broadened his knowledge of his body and how different products work for different people. When it comes to supplements Robert knows it all and how it works! This has also aided him in his training techniques and routines. Robert knows bio mechanics backward and forwards! All of this assists him greatly when helping customers with questions, nutrition clients with diets and training clients with workout plans. Contact us for more information or questions!

Amanda was a competitive gymnast for 13 years, ending her years competing for the prestigious Texas Women's University gymnastics team. In 2012 Amanda began competing in the National Physique Committee (NPC) in Fitness. A long awaited goal of hers! After only a year of competing she earned her IFBB Pro Card in Fitness at the Team Universe and Fitness Nationals in Teaneck, NJ in July by winning her class! Amanda works side by side with, friend, trainer and fellow IFBB Fitness Pro, Trish Warren. She holds a B.S. in Exercise Sports Science from Texas State University and is a certified personal trainer through The Cooper Institute – Dallas. In 2005, while teaching a tumbling class at a local gymnastics facility she felt a pop in her back. Diagnosis: herniated disc. After 2 rounds of epidural shots, multiple trips to the chiropractor and message therapist, she underwent surgery in 2006. Amanda was fortunate to bypass physical therapy. Slowly getting back into the gym but steering clear of certain exercises. Today she still deals with low back issues, but far better than before. Going through this process has helped Amanda develop different methods for her training and her clients who come to her with back issues. Here at PSN we won't bother you with a sales pitch or sale you something you don't need! We want our customers to walk out with knowledge and products that will help them reach their personal and individual health and fitness goals!


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